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How To Create Base Articles

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    A Base Article is an article to be used as a template for other new articles. For example, you can create a base article to be used for creating form articles.

    To create the Base Article:

    1. Login to the Jentla ContentManager (http://<yourdomain>

    2. Go to Content Administration

    3. In the articles list view click New. You'll be directed to the jentla Administrator: Article screen:


    1. Enter the Display Title, Internal Title, Internal Link, etc. in the appropriate fields

    2. Add the desired content in the Summaryand Body areas

    3. In the Publishing Areaon the right-side of the screen select the Categories for the article - must be the Categories you have selected when creating the JA (CCK) Fields Group in Jentla Administrator, so that you'll have available the CCK fields previously created for inserting them into the article. For details on Jentla Action fields, see Creating JA Fields.

    4. In the same Publishing Area set the Published as to Base from the dropdown list.

    5. In the bottom of the Body/Summaryarea click on the CCK Fields tab. A pop-up window displays where you can see the available CCK Fields for the selected Categories.

    Note: You must have previously performed step no.6 (selecting the categories for the article) in order to be able to add the CCK field at this moment.

    1. In the pop-up window select the desired CCK Field and the Type and click Insert.You'll see the fields added to your Body/Summary area.

    2. Click Submit/Publish to save/publish your article.

    The base article can be used later when creating a form article for example. You'll perform the same steps as above for creating the form article, except for step 7 where you set Published as to Form. When you add CCK Fields to the form article, in the dialog displayed for selecting the CCK fileds to be added, you'll have to select a Base Article as illustrated below:

    Select Base Article in CCK Field dialog.png

    Note:  The JA fields used in the Base Article and the ones in the Form Article must have been assigned to the same JA Fields Group (this is performed in the back-end. For details please see Jentla Action Fields Group)

    If the form article is a registration form, for example, after publishing the form article on your site, when a user enters the data to that registration form and submits it, a new article is created and added to the Articles list under Content Administration, based on the Base Article that you've selected earlier containing the user data:

    Static Article Created following a submission.png

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