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How To Create Editable Layouts

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    The Editable type article has this feature to change the value for the JA (CCK) field.

    You can change the JA(CCK) value for  the article created from node in the article page:

    1. Login to Jentla Content Manager (http://<yourdomain>

    2. Go to Content Administration

    3. Select the article from the list and click New. You'll be directed to the Edit Article screen, where you can edit the article parameters.

    4. Enter the Display Title, Internal Title, Internal Link, etc. in the appropriate fields

    5. Add the desired content in the Summary and Body areas

    6. In the Publishing Area on the right-side of the screen select the Categories for the article

    7. In the same Publishing Area set the Published as to Editable from the dropdown list.

    8. In the bottom of the Summary area click on the CCK Fields tab. A pop-up window displays where you can see the available CCK Fields for the selected Categories.

    Note: You must have performed step no.6 (selecting the categories for the article) in order to be able to add the CCK field at this moment.

    1. In the pop-up window select the desired CCK Field and the Type. You can choose between:

    • Label - Displays the Label you've set in Jentla Administrator when creating that respective JA (CCK) field

    • Display - Displays the field value

    1. Click Insert and the CCK field will be added to your article. You can see that in the Summary area.

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