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How To Modify a Category Layout

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    How to Change the Layout for a Category

    To Change the Layout of a Category in Jentla:

    1. Login to the Site Administrator (http://<yourdomain>/manager/administrator).

    2. Go to Jentla > Categories

    3. Select from the list and click on the Category for which you want to change the layout

    4. Click the Menu tab in the Category details page.

    5. At the bottom of the Menu Types section, select the Layout from the dropdown list. The appearance of the category on the site is illustrated below for each layout type:

    6. Click Save to apply the settings. Now go to your site where the category is published, refresh the page and notice the layout change, as illustrated in the sample screenshots above.

    Layout Types Description

    Below you can see sample images of how a category is displayed depending on the Layout chosen at step 4 described above:

    • Enhanced -  It displays the category description and also the article under that category:


    • Landing - It displays only the category Description (as set in the Site Administrator at Jentla > Categories):

    Category Layout - Landing.png

    • Blog  - It displays the category description and the articles assigned to that category in Blog Format:

    Category Layout - Blog.png

    • Latest - It displays only the latest article in the category:

    Category Layout - Latest.png

    • Blog Listing - It displays Articles for the particular category in a blog listing format:

    Category Layout - Blog Listing.png

    • Enhanced/Custom - It  displays the articles for a particular category:

    Category Layout - Enhanced_Custom.png

    • Category List - It displays the child categories (Test Category 2.1 in the example below) with their descriptions for the particular category (Test Category 2 in the example below):

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