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How To Use Merge Tags

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    The "Merge tags" are Site-specific pieces of information that can be used as a tag within an article, and when the article is propagated to multiple sites, the tag will be replaced by that site-specific content.

    The main workflow steps for using merge tags are:

    1. Create the merge tag(s) in the Site Administrator at Jentla > Content > Merge

    2. Enter the tag values for each site

    3. Add the merge fields to the article in Jentla Manager - Content Administration

    4. Publish the article and you will see the tag values displayed at site front-end assigned for that site

    Creating Merge Tags

    To Create a New MergeTag:

    1. Login to the Site Administrator (http://<your domain>

    2. Go to Jentla > Content > Merge

    3. In the new screen displayed, choose from the tools menu New. A pop-up displays

    4. Enter the tag name in the pop-up window and click Save. You will see the tag added to the list:

    Adding New Merge Tag.png

    Setting Merge Tag Values

    You can add, for a particular tag, different values corresponding to each site:

    1. Simply enter the values in the respective fields, as shown below, and click Save from the tools menu:

    Setting Merge Tag Values.png

    Once added, you can create a new article that is a single article for multiple sites where you can insert the merge field. Selecting the tag here will just insert notation for the tag that
    will be replaced by the site specific value when the article is propagated to the node.

    Adding "Merge Fields" to the Articles

    1. Login to Jentla Content Manager (http://<yourdomain>/manager or http://<yourdomain> where the manager has its own subdomain).

    2. Go to Content Administration. The articles list page displays.

    3. Either click an existing article link in the list (the article where you want to add the merge tag) or choose New from the tools menu to create a new article. You will be directed to the Edit Article screen.

    4. At the bottom of the Summary/Body area click the Merge field button and a dialog displays

    5. Select from the list the tag(s) to be added and click Insert

    6. You will see the tag added to the Summary/Body area:

    Inserting Merge Field to the Article.png

    1. Click Publish and go to each site front-end to see the article. You will notice that for each site is displayed the particular value that you've entered in the back-end after creating the tag:

    Merge Tags - Article Published.png

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