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How to add Metadata to an article

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    Metadata is commonly used to describe the web pages content. Most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) use this metadata when adding pages to their search index. The following steps show you how to add Metadata, tags and keywords to a Jentla article.

    To Add Metadata to an Article:

    1. Login to Jentla Content Manager (http://<yourdomain>/manager or http://<yourdomain> where the manager has its own subdomain).

    2. Go to Content Administration in the user menu which is located at  the left side of the page. You will be directed to the articles display page.

    3. Either click an existing article link in the article list  (the article where you want to add the metadata) or choose the New option at the top-right corner of the page to create a new article. You will be directed to the Edit Article screen.

    4. If it is a new article, Enter the Display title, Article URL, Internal title, Secondary URL in the appropriate fields at the top of the screen.

    5. Click the Content tab to add the desired content in Summary area and Body area using different styles. If no content is entered into the summary region then the article will not be displayed in menus on the website.

    6. Click Metadata tab, as illustrated below:


    The information contained on the Metadata tab is relevant to website search and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It contains the following:

    • Title - The title is very important and it is the first  field in the Metadata. The Metadata title is used to give option title of Jentla article layout. It shows the page title of Jentla article

    • Keywords - These are the keywords that a search engine used to determine the relevant piece of information. Already defined keywords are listed in the keyword list

    It is possible to select one or more keywords from the list and click the add button to add them as  keywords automatically.

    Another option to add keywords in keyword list from Site Administrator. Go to Components > Jentla> Content> Keywords List. Click the New button at the top of the page. Enter the keyword in the keyword box and click Save button at the top of the pop-up page. The following is an example of the pop-up page.

    Automatically the keyword will be added to the keywords list view. By marking the selected keyword checkbox in keywords list view, it will be automatically added to the Content Manager Keywords list.

    Finally the keyword will be added to the Content Manager keyword list.

    • Scan Tags - The keywords will be added in the keywords list, Select anyone of the keyword from keyword list. Click the Scan tags button

      Scan tag which scans the summary and body text for matching keywords in the text from keyword list and automatically add them to the keywords field.

    Finally the scanned keyword "article" will be added to the keywords field successfully.

    • Description - The Meta description is used to describe the current web page.This is the description which is used by the Search engine to describe the web pages in their result. It provides the short summary of the page

    1. Click the Save button to apply the settings. Finally the Meta name will be added to your Jentla article.

    <meta name="keywords" content="source,article" />
      <meta name="title" content="This is Metadata title" />
       <meta name="description" content="This is Metadata Description." />

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