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How to use Sites/Site group in an article

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    This topic explains how to use the site groups for publishing an article. If you are mapping the sites in site group, you can publish an article to multiple sites at a time. The System Wide Users have all the rights to access the articles in Jentla Content Manager. If you want a particular user to access the particular site group means you need to restrict the users for that site groups. In this manner the user must be a restricted users.

    Mapping the Sites to Site Group

    This section allows you to map the selected sites to site group. The following steps show you how to map the sites to site group.

    To Create Site Group:

    1. Login to Site Administrator (http://<yourdomain>

    2. Go to Jentla > Site Groups. The following page will be displayed.

    1. Enter the Group name in the appropriate field. Select the Parent group from the drop-down list.

    2. Select the sites use ctrl +arrow keys to select more than one sites.

    3. Already the existing users are listed by groupwise in Site restricted users. If no users are available means you can create new user. For more information about to add new user please refer

    4. Click the Save button at top of the page to create a site group for specific sites.

    Using Sites/Site Group for the Article

    This section is used to publish the articles for selected site. The following steps show you how to use  Sites/Site Group for the article.

    To Use Sites/Site Group:

    1. Login to Jentla Content Manager (http://<yourdomain>/manager or http://<yourdomain> where the manager has its own subdomain) using Username and Password.

    2. Go to Content Administration in the user menu which is located on the left side of the page. You will be directed to the articles display page.

    3. Click the New button option at the top-right corner of the page to create a new article. You will be directed to the Edit article screen.

    4. If it is a new article, Enter the Display title, Article URL, Internal title, Secondary URL in the appropriate fields at the top of the screen.

    • Version -  The article version number are listed above the Title. If major changes are made to an article means  it helps to update the version number significantly

    •            Internal Title - The title which recognises the Jentla article. It is possible to apply the Merge tags to this field using the button located to the right of the input field. For more information about Merge Tag please refer

    •   Display Title - The title will displays as the link label for the article throughout the website

    •  Article URL - Article URL should match the title, It should be lower case and each word should be separated by a hyphen. This field is automatically populated based on the data entered into the Title field

    • Secondary URL - The alternate article url. It should also closely match the title, be lower case and each word should be separated by hyphen

    • Link - If the articles behave as a link on the website (eg. to an external or related website)

    1. Click the Content tab, Add the desired content in Summary and Body area using different styles. If no content is entered into the Summary region then  the article will not be displayed in menus on website.

    2. In the Publishing data at the right side of the page, Enter the Article Start and End Dates in the appropriate fields. It is used to schedule the publication of the article.

    3. In the same publishing area select the Categories for the article, It influences where the article appears on the website and use ctrl + arrow keys to  select  more than one category. Under the categories choose the Suggested Site ie. Select the Sites automatically the articles to be added for the particular site, as illustrated below:

    Site group - A cluster of  particular sites are grouped  together  to  publish the content in multisite and aid site admin.( For example: A group sites by state or site type. It is possible to easily publish the same article to all the North East states).

    The following is an example of Site group. Select the required Site group from Dropdown list.

    Site Specific - It is the range of sites. By ticking the Site Specific using checkbox then the following mapped sites will be displayed.

    The following is an example of Site Specific

    Suggested sites - It is the websites to which the articles being published. An article will be published by an Approver or Publisher will result the article being published to the selected websites. An article published by a Contributor will require it’s suggested websites approved before it will be appeared on the website.

    The following information required on the suggested site.

     8.  Click the Publish button at the top-right corner of the page.

    Finally the created article will be displayed for the selected site successfully.

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