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How to Contribute to Jentla Documentation

Page last modified 11:02, 6 Aug 2012 by alexandra.coroian

    Direct contribution

    This wiki consists of various guides as shown in the Jentla Documentation main page.

    Either you have found a mistake in the documentation, or you have a small addition for one of our documentation areas that would be easier to add yourself rather than asking us to do it, you can update our wiki pages directly.

    You are more than welcome to help us improve Jentla Documentation and provide a valuable resource to the community.

    Getting Access

    If it's your first contribution to Jentla Wiki, you need to request access by sending an e-mail to

    You are kindly requested to mention the section you would like to access (such as "Jentla Flexile", "Jentla Action", "How To Guides", and so on).

    Wiki credentials will be sent to you shortly and you'll be able to log on and contribute to the desired section of the documentation.

    Basic Guidelines for Updating the Wiki

    Creating the Wiki Doc Space

    If it's not already set, have the wiki structured for the upcoming Docs:

    • Customize the wiki Home Page (title and content) to give an overview of the documentation you want to be public on the wiki

    • Choose the wiki skin you'll use

    • Set the space permissions.

    • Create separate pages for each upcoming Doc

    Doc First Page

    As a first page of a guide, it is recommended to have a short introduction of the manual (purpose, audience), and to insert a TOC of the guide/manual as a list of links to its subpages.

    Automatically insert TOC inside a page

    To automatically insert inside a page, a list of all subpages, use: {{ wiki.tree(page.path) }}

    To insert the TOC of the page itself, use {{page.toc}}


    Want to find out more about the standard style guide for adding content to Jentla Wiki?  Continue your reading on the Style Guide page.

    First time contributors to Jentla Documentation should take a minute to go through our Writing in Wiki Quick Checklist.

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