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Article Publishing Workflow

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    Article life cycle

    This topic shows you what are the steps to be followed from the creation to the publishing of the article in Jentla Marketing Hub.


    Login to Jentla Marketing Hub. Follow the linked map below to find the details about each step:

    Create the article

    • If you are a Contributor, go to Advanced Content Administration. Click on the New button on the left-side of the screen.
    • Alternatively, choose the type of article you want to create and press the appropriate button( Multichannel, Website/Mobile, Facebook, etc).


    In the article's editing page, complete the basic information (Title, Content, Sites).

    Submit the article

    • Once you've completed all your article details, press on the Submit button, situated on the right side of the page. A user with approving rights will overlook your contributions.

    In the article list, your article's status will be changes to Submitted.


    Approve the article

    • If you are a user with Approver rights, you can access the submitted articles list. Clicking on the article link, you will be able to access the content, make whatever changes you want and finally approve it.

    If the article is not conform, Reject it by pressing the button shown in the image above. The article will go back to the Contributor and after editing, will be Submitted again for your viewing. 

    Publish the article

    If you are a Publisher, take over the approved articles and choose the ones to be published. To do so, press on each of their links, modify their details if you like, then press Publish.

    publish and submit.png

    Retract the article

    When the article is no longer actual, choose to Retract it ( to do so, you must have Publisher rights). You can retract multiple articles from the article's list or single postings from the editing window, pressing the Retract button.

    retract selected.png


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