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How to Add Assets to an Article

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    Picture perfect

    Assets can be easily added to any Jentla article, following these simple steps :

    • After Logging in, go to Advanced Content Administration and create the website article you want. Do this by pressing on one of the channel buttons ( Multichannel, Website/Mobile) or by pressing the New button and choosing the Website category from the category table. Notice that videos can only be added to website/mobile articles, as they are included in the Body-Summary text boxes.
    • After typing in the content, press on the Asset section in the main menu, as so:

    • On the opening page (Asset section), press on the Search button, and choose the Video/Audio option ( we've selected videos):

    • Then go to the Upload section and press on the Browse button to choose the videos to be uploaded from your computer:


    • If you want to add a representative image for your video presentation, choose to upload a thumb file in the appropriate field. Write down a title for your video, then press the Upload button.
    • Going back to the Assets page, you will find your newly uploaded video in the assets list. Click on the paper-clip on the right to add this video to your ready to use asset list ( on the right):

    The videos from the list on the right are the only ones to be used in the current article.

    • Going back to the Content area, press on the Asset button, situated on the bottom of the summary and web body boxes.

    The following pop-up will appear:

    • Click on the video you want to add to your article. It will then appear in the empty video box located at the bottom of the page.  Press Attach. A success message will be shown on page.

    • The file will be attached at the cursor's current position within text.

    • After completing all the other article details, press the Publish button, to see the video on site, as so:

    To add another video to an article, restart these steps from the beginning.


    • To upload Audio files, follow the same steps. 
    • While in the Advanvced Content Administration menu, in the article editing page, press on the Assets section on the top-right of the page:


    • In Asset go to the Upload page, where the thumb file field will not be present. Press Browse, choose the audio file you want inserted from your computer, then press Upload.

    • The uploaded assets will also appear in the list as shown below ( on the Assets section). To switch between video and audio press the Search button and change the assets type.

    • To be able to directly use these files  into the article's content tab, select the ones you need and move them into the Selected assets list, located on the right side of the page. To do so, press the paper-clip on the right. Only these files will be available to be used through the Asset button in Content.

    • Then navigate to the Assets section on the left-bottom of the article editing page:

    • And choose the audio file you want inserted from the assets list and press Attach on the Assets pop-up page.


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