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How to Add Media to an Article

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    Intrinsic value

    Every article in JMH carries valuable pieces of information.

    After you've logged in to JMH. go to Advanced Content Administration section and create a new article or edit an existing one. You can add value to any Jentla publishing by inserting different type of media in your article's content: Assets ( Audio/Video), Documents, Images. To insert these, use the buttons situated underneath your article's Summary or Body.

    Click on the highlighted buttons (Asset, Document and Images) to begin adding different types of media. To find the detailed options for each one, read the instructions below:


    Lets you add videos and audio files to your article. To learn more about this subject, go to How to add videos to an article page. Audio files are added using the same procedure, just by swapping the option from Video to Audio, navigating to Assets > pressing Search button on the upper right part of the page > Select from drop-down list:



    It enables you do add documents to your article, opening the document's library. Click on the corresponding button. The following pop-up will appear:

    • As shown above on the left side of the screen you can see the documents library with its containing folders. Here you have the option of creating a new folder.
    • On the right, the contents of the current folder are revealed.
    • If you upload a document using the corresponding button, it will appear in the current opened library folder.
    • Clicking on any of the documents from the right side list and pressing Insert, will add the documents to your opened article ( depending on the type of article inserted, you may have to complete additional document options).

    When you publish the content, your inserted document will appear as a link, directing to the whole document. You can insert  almost any type of document : doc, docx, pdf, txt, xls,etc


    Images can complement any article, offering the viewers a different perspective on the content. Click on the Image button. In the opening pop-up, you have 2 options :

    Insert an existing image from the gallery

    To do so, click on the corresponding image, then press Insert, as so:

    The image will then be added to your article at the cursor's current position.

    Upload a new image and insert it from the gallery
    • Click on the Upload button.
    • In the opening window, press the "Select files to upload" button, as so :

    • You can also drag and drop the chosen image in the corresponding space above the Select files button:

    • Next, click on the Start Upload Button and wait for the file to be uploaded, as so:

    • When your new file is finished uploading, select it and press on the Insert button. You will be asked to set the following non-mandatory options :

    • To keep your changes, press Insert.  The image will then be added to your article at the cursor's current position.

    • To change your image's properties ( dimensions, title, position within text), double click on the picture. The following window will appear:

    Alter any image options that you want, then click OK to apply the changes.

    See your media on site

    After you've published the article that contains the document, the assets and the image, you can navigate to your site to see the changes you've made here:

    Other elements you can insert in the content's page : 
    article links, internal links, modules, merge tags, page breaks and read more buttons. 



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