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How to Create Editable Layouts

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    Make your own

    These are articles to be modified by different type of users on the site's front-end. They are specifically created for users who don't have publisher rights but still need to be allowed to add content, fast and easy. There are two ways of creating editable content for your site. To guide you through the editable layouts creation, follow the linked map below:

    Using Dummy Article

    Create a New Category
    • In the Categories section, click on the New button to create a new category.

    • The main thing that you would want to do here,is to check the Create a Dummy article tick-box,  as so:

    • Complete the details for your category, ( check Sites) then click Save.

    Edit your dummy article
    • Navigate to Advanced Content Administration section. As, you can see, your dummy editable article, has already been created:


    • Click on the article link. While on article editing page, complete article details such as Title and Content and choose the Sites on which you want it published.

    • Once you are done, click on Publish.

    See your article on site

    • It appears automatically with an Edit button located at the bottom left of the text. The button, seen only by logged in users, allows them to add content to your article, as so:

    • Users can also Save the content they add, cancel their changes and even attach images to the editable article by using the buttons on the bottom of the page :

    • Once a user saves the content of an editable article, the changes are added to its content and can be seen on site.

    The new article will appear with 4 additional buttons on the bottom of the page.

    • Use these buttons to add a new article, make a copy of the existing one, edit or retract the content from the site.

    Using "Create base article"

    Find the CCK content
    • On clean install of Jentla Marketing Hub, look for the Create Base Article existent by default on your article listing page:

    Click and open this article. Copy the content from its summary and body.

    Use the CCK content
    • Go to Advanced Content Administration. Click on the New button to create an article. Choose the category to which you want to map the article to, than click Continue.

    • In the opening page, paste the CCK content you've copied from the Create Base Article -  both Summary and the Body CCK content, just like in the Create Base article.

    • (!) Do not enter any other type of content at this point. 

    • Enter an article title and click Save.

    Change the article's content
    • Look for the newly saved article in the article list. Notice that it was automatically set as editable type:

    • Open the article, and erase all the CCK content from its summary or body. Then add your own content to the article. When you're done, click the Publish on the upper right side of the page:

    See your article on site

    Your article will appear as so, with the four editing buttons on the bottom of the page:

    Use the buttons to create a new, a copy of the article, edit or retract it from your site.


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    Create a New Category

    Create an Article

    Publish an Article

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