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How to Create a Base Article

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    1. 1. From the base

    From the base

    This type of article is used as a template for other types of articles.  It uses action fields and  can work together with a form article (mapped under the same category and using the same action fields).

    You can create a base article using action fields already mapped to a category,  or,  you can create a new category and map yourself the action fields to it. To do so, follow the link towards extra information about Jentla Action Fields for JMH.

    Create a base article following these steps:

    • Login to Jentla Marketing Hub. Go to Advanced Content Administration and press on the New button, as shown below:

    • In the opening window, choose the article type as <<Base>>, then choose the categories from the list. Press the Continue button to go to the article editing page:

    Choose your categories carefully, as they should have action fields mapped under them. If no AF are found under the chosen categories, the following message appears, at pressing Continue:

    and you will be automatically creating a simple article.

    • At choosing the right categories, your form article will be created. While on the editing page, click on the Action Fields button, located on the left hand side of the page:

    As the Action Fields pop-up window opens, you can  finish populating your Base article content in two steps:

    Step 1 - Insert Label type action field:

    Choose the field you want to insert from the drop-down list,  then check the Label option underneath. Press the Insert button at the left-top of the page.

    Step 2 - Insert Display type action field

    Press the Action Field button. Choose the same field from the drop-down list,  then check the Display option underneath. Press the Insert button at the left-top of the page.

    The field with its two types will be added to your article content.

    Repeat the process if you want additional fields to be included in your base article. Once you're done editing the article's content, press the Publish button to apply the changes and see your article on site.

    (!)Create you form article and see your action field on site.


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