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How to Map Sites to a Group

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    1. 1. All together

    All together

    Sites can be grouped into Site Groups.  If you want to perform JMH actions on multiple sites, you should create a group that will allow you to create categories, menus, users, edit and publish articles on multiple sites at once. 

    Multiple Site Groups can be acted upon at the same time. This can lead to considerable administrative advantages. For example, all sites of a particular type or in a geographical region can have an extension upgraded simultaneously just by selecting that group when you select to upgrade that module.

    1. To do this, follow these instructions :
    • Log in to JMH Manager Administrator (http://<your domain>

    • Navigate to Components> Jentla > Site Groups. In the opening window, click on the New action button, located on the upper right side of the page :

    • To create a new site group, complete the following details:

    • Group Name - provide a name for your site's group. Here incase the group's name as <<Distribution Branch>> 
    • Parent Group - select from the dropdown if you want your group to be under a certain existing site group
    • Sites - choose from the list the sites that you want included in your group. (For multiple selections, press down Ctrl tab and to do de-select, press Ctrl tab and click on the sites you want marked deselected).
    • Affiliate - select from the dropdown if you want your group to be affiliated with a certain existing site group
    • ID - will automatically populate
    • Restricted users - choose if you want your sites group to be restricted to a certain type of user access
    • In the Site Permissions section, you can set permissions for different types of users, from public to publishers and their allowed actions on your site group.

    • To change the default permissions, go on the Select New Setting drop-down column, corresponding to each action and change the setting from Inherited to Allowed or Denied.
    • Once you're done, click on the Save button on the top-right of the page ( Save, Save&Close, Save& New). Your newly create site group will appear on the list as so :

    You are now ready to use this group directly from your site's front-end and perform on it all actions that apply to sites.


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