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How to Properly Use the Site Manager page

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    To Access the Sites Management Area:

    • Login to JMH Manager Administrator (http://<yourdomain>

    • Choose Components > Jentla > Sites. The following page will be displayed:

    • There are 4 sections that need your attention:

    The Search Box : 

    • From here you can search text within your sites.
    • Type in the appropriate field the text that you want found and press the Search button.
    • To empty the search field press Clear.

    The Existing sites list :

    • Tick the check box from the right to perform operations to the site from this page.

    • Press on the site's name (eg. basenode) to access the site's editing area.

    • Click on the site's URL to open the link in a new window.

    Site Filters :

    • From here you can filter the list on the Site's Name, URL, Path or ID.
    • Just press on either one of these links to refresh the exiting sites list.

    Buttons Sections:

    Actions to be performed for managing sites are listed in the top left corner, like so:

    To find details on each action to be performed here, please follow the linked map below :


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