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How to Setup your Site's Top Menu

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    Your site's top menu is the principal menu and the one usually mapping and displaying most categories, menu items and articles. It is usually the first menu to be created, as it is considered to be the your site's "backbone". Any menu previously created in your Jentla's Menus Management application can be set as top menu, just by following these instructions (in this example, we've used the label "main menu" for our top menu, but you can change your top menu's title anytime):

    • Go to your JMH Manager Administrator page (http://<your domain> and choose the Module Manager section from the Extensions tab, as so:


    • Once in, click on the menu that you wish to set up as a top menu. A Module Menu window will then be opened.

    • In the Position parameter tab write "topmenu":


    • Or click on the Select position button for a predefined positions list to open, like so:


    • Make sure that your menu's status is Published and select the menu's title also from Basic Options field on your right-hand side.


    • Click the Save or (Save &Close) button on the top of your page to keep your changes.

    Later on, map your categories, menu items and articles under <<Main Menu>> menu as so:

    At creating a new top level menu in Jentla, it is mandatory that you also create a new category for your menu. 

    Finally the <<Main menu>> set as top menu for JMH site:


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