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How to Tag Comments

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    1. 1. Find them here

    Find them here

    This topic shows you how to tag the comments in your Jentla article using the Moderation and Find & Replace Options.

    • Access the Comment Tags via JMH Manager Administrator (http://<your domain>
    • Go to Components > Jentla Content > Comment Tags

    Here you can add new comments tags.

    • Click on the New action button on the top of the listing page:

    • For Moderation - provide words that are submitted for moderation (optional) in the homonym field. If these certain words are used in the comments, they will automatically be hidden by the program. 

    Example: Enter the 'For Moderation' value as 'poor'. Then, when a comment containing your moderation value is posted:  "this is a poor article", the program will automatically hide 'poor' from your comment and only show "this is a article" instead.
    (!) Only a comment moderator can approve the value's appearance on site.


    • Find - Enter the value which you are going to find in the comments. If the same value provide both <<For Moderation>> and <<Find>>, the value taken as the first priority of <<Find>>
    • Replace - It replaces the given value in comments provided in the find field text box

    Example: Enter the 'Find' value as 'Jentla' and 'Replace' value as 'Jentla Marketing Hub'. Then, when a comment containing your moderation value is posted:  "This is the Jentla article", Once submit the comment, it will automatically replace the word as 'Jentla Marketing Hub' from your comment and show as "This is the Jentla Marketing Hub article" instead.

    Note :

    If you can remove any offensive words from your comments, you can just use << For Modeartion>>
    Or If you just find and replace the comments , you can use <<Find>> and  <<Replace>> fields
    • Select Sites - Choose the Sites you want the findings to be replaced on
    Once you're done, click on Save&Close button to create a New Comment tag and get redirected to the Comment tags listing page.

    • Finally, your comments are now tagged and published on site.


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