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How to Use Publishing Dates Effectively

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    1. 1. Right on time

    Right on time

    This topic shows you how to make use of the publishing dates present on your article editing screen.

    There are 5 fields on this page, 3 of which are editable.

    • Created Date - non editable field; contains day, month and year in which the article was first Saved.
    • Submitted Date- non editable field; contains the day, month and year in which the article was first Published
    • Article Date - it's the registered date for the article. Can be edited, but has now influence on your article's publishing.
    • Start Date - it's the corresponding publishing date for the article, in which it appears on site (set for the current day by default). Can be changed in the past or future, depending on your publishing requirements. For the article to be published, this start date has to be set behind the end date.
    • End Date - on this chosen date the article will be automatically retracted from your sites. Additionally, when you retract an article using the Retract button, the end date will be automatically set to the past. To undo this operation, you have to manually change its value to a date in the future.

    There are 3 types of dates that can be later shown on your article page. To set this options:

    • go to Advanced Content Administration> Edit article > Parameters > Article Params
    • or to Menus section > Edit Menu Item > Article Options.

    Set the ones you want to Show, the others to Hide (not shown by default).  (!) Article settings always come before menu settings.

    • Created Date - corresponds to the Created Date in Dates menu.

    Set to Show ( here 24 Mar 12).

    • Modified Date - it is the date in which the article was last edited and changes published to the site.

    Set to Show (here 2 Nov.12).

    • Published Date - corresponds to the Start Date in Dates menu.

    Set to Show (here 01 May 12).



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