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How to add Metadata to an article

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    Metadata is commonly used to describe the web pages content. Most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) use this metadata when adding pages to their search index. The following steps show you how to add Metadata, tags and keywords to your Jentla article.

    To Add Metadata to an Article:

    • Login to Jentla Marketing Hub (http://<your domain>
    • Go to Advanced Content Administration menu located on the right side of the page , as so:


    You will be directed to the articles display page.

    Either click an existing article link in the article list  (the article where you want to add the metadata) or choose the New option from the buttons list located on the left part of the page: 

    Next, you will be directed to the Edit Article screen. If it is a new article, enter the article's Title and Summary in the appropriate fields on the Content tab.

    Other mandatory fields for a new article : Sites, Categories.

    • Once all required information is completed, click on the Metadata tab. The following page will appear:

    The information contained on the Metadata tab is relevant to website search and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    You should follow these steps:

    1. Write the keyword you want added to the list in Field 1. Then press the Add button, as shown below:

    2. The keyword will be moved into the Keyword list. Select the keyword that you want to use for your metadata, then press the Add button, located under the Keyword list, as so:

    3. The keyword will then be moved to the Meta Keyword List, located on the right side of the screen.

    (!)Notice that if you want to add more than one keyword, you have to make multiple selections from the Keyword list on the left  (pressing down the Ctrl key) and then press the Add button, as shown below:

    The words will be automatically moved into the Meta Keywords list on the right.

    4. You can also use the Scan button to search the article for similar keywords. Keywords are added manually using the Add button then press Scan Tags.

    • Scanning the <<article>> keywords in the content area and <<keyword>> in Keyword list,  the matching scanned results will be added automatically in the Meta Keywords list.

    An alert message should appear. You will then be asked:

    - Do you wish to keep the existing keywords from the Meta keyword list? (press Yes or No)

    5. Write down the meta description and the Meta title in the appropriate fields.

    Once you click on the Save, Apply or Publish buttons,  the Metadata will be added to your article. 

    (!)Every time you add keywords to an article, the Keyword list keeps the track of your entries, to be reused in other articles.


    • Keyword - are used by search engines to determine the relevant piece of information online
    • Meta Description - it's used to describe the current web page. This is the description which is used by the search engines to describe the web pages in their result. It provides the short summary of the page
    • Meta Title - it's very important as it is the first field in the Metadata, used as an alternative for your JMH article's title


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