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How to create the new category

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    Start easy

    • After Logging in to the site's Front end, choose the Categories button from the main menu. The Categories page will be displayed: 

    Underneath the Categories Management buttons, you can find the Categories list ( with displayed data such as Category Title, Status, Ordering, number of Articles published).

    If you don't have any categories yet, the list should be empty.

    • Click on the New button to access the following window:

    • Click on each of the tabs to complete category options.

    MANDATORY fields in the New section:

    • Details/ Category Title: type in the name of your newly created category
    • Sites : select the sites on which you want your category to appear ( site/mobile)

    Learn How to Create Editable Layouts.

    • Click the Save button to finish the creating process. The new category will then appear in the list:

    • You can now start mapping articles and content under this new category.

    These are the operation buttons available at the category listing page:


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