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How to set the Comment Module for your Article

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    Dialogue is the key

    User comments are the key to your interaction with potential customers. While feedback is always wanted, there are some discussions and internet users that may need to pass the censor before getting published to your site.

    In order to display your Jentla article comments to your site, you will need to create a Comment Module for your site structure.

    Follow the steps described below:

    • Access the Site Administrator page via http://<your domain>

    • Navigate to the Extensions menu > Module Manager > press New to create the Jentla Comment module.

    • Choose the Jentla Comments Module type from the module list pop-up page, as shown below:

    Below is the screen for Jentla Comments Module Details page in Site Administrator:

    The following information is required on Jentla Comment Module setting:

    • Title - the title of the module. It must be unique.

    • Show Title - choose if you want to Show/Hide the title of the Module on site.

    • Position - the Position of the Module on the page. Press the Position button at the right side of the field. As you can see, the positions have descriptive names (contain exact location and template name). Make sure to choose a position that is according to the template you are using (otherwise your module will not be shown on site). Here you can choose the "JBPure" template with hidden position from the list.

    • Status – shows if module is published in the site's front-end or not.

    • Access –  select the level of access allowed in order to view the module on the site

    • Ordering – select the ordering for the modules on the site. If more than one Module is displayed at the same position, this will determine the order of modules display

    • Start Publishing – an optional date to start publishing the module on site

    • Finish Publishing – an optional date to finish publishing the module on the site.

    • Language – assign the writing language for this module

    • Note – optional note to display in module list

    • ID – it is the module's record number in the database, a unique identification number for this item.

    • Module Description- A description of what the module does. No entry is allowed

    Menu Assisgnment

    • Module Assignment – Whether the module is displayed on all or only on selected pages

    • Menu Selection Select the individual menu items that will display the module. Click the Select All button to select all the menu items to be displayed under the module. Click the Clear Selection to clear all the menu item selections. Click the Toggle Selection button to toggle the menu item selections

    Setting the Parameters

    Basic Options

    • Module Class Suffix - Suffix to be applied in the CSS styles of the module. This allows individual module styling

    • Instructions - Supply the instructions for the comments

    • Show Email - Yes or No to get the email

    • Show Title - Yes or No to get the title

    • Display order - It is display order instructions. Choose the position from the drop-down list

    • Input Form Position - Whether Top or Bottom to display the comment form for sites

    • Captcha Type - Whether Extended or Recaptcha of the comment display

    • Public Key - Provide the value for public key - Recaptcha

    • Private Key - Provide the value for private key- Recaptcha

    • Theme - Choose the Recaptcha display theme from the drop-down list

    Click the Save & Close option at the upper right corner of the page.

    (!) Then, go to the Advanced Content Administration menu on the Site's Fron End. While creating or editing a new article, set the Show Comment Input value as "Yes" for Article Additional Parameters.

    • After publishing the article, the Jentla Comments Module will be displayed under the Jentla articles, as shown below:


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