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How to set the Image type for an article

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    Selection of Images

    This topic allows you how to set the Image type for an article. The promoted images point to special content such as a new product releases, events and articles. Each image is set to link to a detailed page with supporting promotion material.

    Creating the Mobile category

    • Login to Manager Front-end (http://<your domain>

    • Go to Categories menu:

    • Press on the New button to create a new category. Complete the details fields. Category Title is Mandatory.


    • Alias- provide an alias, alternate title for your category

    • Parent - if applicable, map this category under an already existing one, set as parent

    • Status - choose whether you want your category to be published or not

    • Access - set access to the category from the drop-down ( other than public, you can restrict the access to one user only)

    • Permissions - set permissions to this category (inherited, allowed, denied)

    • Language - your category's language

    • ID- used to store your category in our database; generated automatically

    • Description - use the editor to add a summary of the category ( what is about, what is intended for)

    Click the Save button to save your details and you will be directed to the category listing page.

    Setting the Image types to category

    • Login to Jentla Administrator.

    • Go to Components > Jentla Content > Image types > New and complete the Image Type Details as shown below:

    • Enter your slider Name as <<mobilemedium>>, Display Name and Type, Provide the Width and Height value for the images and map the required categories like Mobile to the Image type

    • Click the Save&Close button to secure your settings.

    Mapping the article under a category

    • Login to Jentla Content Manager.

    • Go to Advanced Content Admin > New to create the new articles.

    • Choose the <<Mobile>> category from the list, press the Continue button to create the articles under the Mobile category. Set the required settings as you want in the article detailed page. Upload the slider type image.

    • Below is the how you window for setting the images for article under Mobile category looks like:

    • Here you can upload the images using the Select button

    • By pressing the Publish button you publish your articles with image type images on the <<mobile>> site


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