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How to use Secondary URL for an article

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    Directly to the point

    This topic explains the role of the Secondary Url field in the Advanced Content Administration section of Jentla marketing Hub and whcih are the cases in which you can make use of its proeprties.

    To find the Secondary URL field, first Login to JMH. Then navigate to Content Admin> Publishing>Attributes. You should have the following page on your screen:

    The URL is the unique etiquette that your article has on site. For identifying your postings, you usually use the Article URL, automatically populated from the article's title.

    The Secondary URL can have whichever value you might choose, but it can only be used at creating a new subdomain and a landing page from the main one.

    Here is an example of how a secondary URL can be used:

    • In article A, create a subdomain <<>> and complete the Secondary URL field with the value <<testURL>>
    • In article B, insert an internal link pointing to article A.
    • When clicking the word, the link will direct you to the page <<>>


    (!)To find out how to Post Content as a Landing page, follow the appropriate link.


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