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How to use Sites/Site group in an article

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    1. 1. Extensive publishings

    Extensive publishings

    This topic explains how to use your Sites section for publishing your article. After Logging in, go Advanced Content Administration.

    • Create new or edit an existing article. Navigate Publishing>Sites. The following page will appear:

    There are 2 main parts of this page:

    • From the Sitegroup drop-down list choose the corresponding site group that you want your article published to :

    Select the site group from the list ( this option can only be chosen if you've already created a group of sites). This make it possible to select and publish the  article on more than one site at a time.

    • Suggested Sites - The sites to which the article should be published. An article published  by a contributor will require its suggested sites to be approved before published on the suggested sites.

    The suggested sites are also listed in two columns. To choose your sites from the left row, simply click on the items and press the "left to right" arrow. Removing items from the right side table means selecting the required site and pressing the 'right to left' horizontal arrow. 

    In both cases the lists will automatically be populated with your choices. For multiple selections, press down Ctrl key.


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