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Write Jentla Support help desk tickets

Page last modified 09:39, 24 Jan 2013 by kavitha

    How can we help?

    For any type of Jentla related issue you may have, you can immediately contact Jentla' s Support Team.

    This topic will show you how to write help desk tickets using our Support program. From this point on, your observations become our main focus.

    Logging in

    In order to write a Jentla help-desk ticket, go to or Enter your login information in the following panel situated on the left hand-side of the screen  and then press the Login button, as showed below:

    Managing your account

    • After you've logged in, you will be directed to the following page:

    • In the "Account" section you can make changes to your profile information, like choosing another Jentla Support password, set your time zone or manage your email accounts.

    Writing the ticket

    • Use the << Submit a Ticket >>  tab for sending a help-desk request to Jentla Support Team. Clicking on it will open the following page:

    • Choose the appropriate department to which you want the ticket delivered :
    • Jentla Support - for technical issues regarding your Jentla sites
    • Enhancement Requests - if you want to add options to your Jentla subscription
    • Billing - contacts Jentla's departament handling billing issues
    • Click on the Next button located on the bottom of the form.
    • The Ticket Details page will then be displayed, as so:

    • Set your ticket's priority then enter the ticket's subject (a one phrase summary of the issue to be resolved) and the ticket's description, in the appropriate field.
    • You also have the option of attaching files to your tickets - to do this, use the Upload button on the bottom of the Subject form.

    • Once you're done, press the Submit button to send your ticket to Jentla' Support Team.

    Getting feedback

    Depending on the type of Jentla subscription that you've chosen, the time for responding to your help-desk tickets will vary from 8 hours during business days, to one hour for critical issues. The number of Jentla Support contacts will also vary depending on your installed Jentla pack.

    All subscriptions include an unlimited number of development and support tickets by email.

    After you've submitted your first ticket to Jentla Support, you will be able to see, check and edit the status of your previous tickets by pressing the View Tickets button.


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