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Campaign Management

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    Market across the web

    Find all your campaign tools in one place. The Campaign Management menu helps you create, edit and publish content, then organize your work and follow-up on customer feedback. It takes the focus off the channel administrating and puts it back on marketing.

    This section allows you to handle campaigns and promote your site and latest actions through Facebook, Twitter, Website/Mobile, SMS or E-mail. It facilitates access to your campaign details and campaign editing options.

    On this subject:


    • After you've Logged into Jentla Marketing Hub page, navigate the Admin entry and choose the Campaigns menu. Access a new campaign just by pressing the Create a Campaign button from the Dashboard page:

    • Go to Campaigns menu, Click on any of the existing campaign titles to edit and see their details. Press the New Campaign button to create a new campaign entry.

    • After choosing to create a new campaign, the following page will be loaded on your screen:


    There are 4 sections on each Campaign page:

    Campaign Details

    The following information is required on Campaign details page (Name is Mandatory)

    • Campaign Name: to appear in all your campaign records
    • Description: a short description of your campaign
    • Owner: select the owner of the campaign from the drop-down list
    • Client: select the campaign's client from the drop-down list
    • Customer: select the Customer of the campaign from the drop-down list
    • Budget Cost: estimated budgeted cost of the campaign
    • Actual Cost: write down the actual cost of the campaign
    • Expected Revenue: enter the expected revenue from the campaign
    • Start Date/End Date: select the start/end dates for your campaign
    • Created Date: the date on which your campaign has been created
    • Media: enter the information on your media suppliers
    Click the Save button to keep the changes made to your campaign details or Cancel to discard. 

    Campaign Content

    The Campaign Content tab is situated on the upper left-side of the screen. After you've created your campaign and completed the details, you can access its content:

    For further references on each type of campaign content, please follow each of the six links below:

    Website/Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, SMS

    External Media

    This tab, situated next to the Campaign Content button, allows you to add external media information (such as Radio and TV) to your campaign.     


    You can only add External Media to currently existing campaigns so make sure to add a campaign name in the mandatory field and Save the changes made to your campaign's details, before you press the External Media button.

    An existing external media list will be shown on your page. If you haven't added any media information yet, use the New External button to add entries.

    A pop-up window will then open, letting you fill in the details of the new external media added (title, description, type, start date/ end date).


    After supplying  the values, press the Save button to save your details or click Close to go back to the External media listing page.


    From this section you can manage your existing social media postings for the specific campaign. This means you can see your Facebook postings,Twitter mentions or LinkedIn shares, but are also able to comment on these and even delete them.

    To start using this section, you must first connect your social media accounts to Jentla.

    • Click on the Social section to open up the following page:

    • Navigate between the different social media buttons to manage your activity for the current campaign.

    (!) NOTE: The Social tab shows social media activity only for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn articles posted in the current Campaign.

    YOU MAY LIKE > To see your overall social media activity, navigate to the Social menu accessible from the Dashboard.

    Go to Advanced Content Adminstration area for a step by step guide through creating, editing and publishing content.

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