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User Management

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    Populating your sites

    Your business is present on multiple websites, attracting different types of intended buyers, but your struggle usually goes beyond maintaining these online platforms. Attending to your costumer's needs while keeping sites active and running, fast and inexpensive, that is your goal for the long-run.

    To achieve this, Jentla Marketing Hub introduces the User Management menu, a complete set of applications that give you the full control of your site's management. You can use the same user to log into all your websites (without going through the process of creating a new user for each site), you can pick and delete contributors, limit their actions and activity, import and export users.

    All this can be done with just on click. This USER area consists of two sections:

    Users Section - manage users

    • After Logging in, choose the Users entry from the main menu:


    • You will be directed to Users page. From here you can manage all your user related activity:


    • As shown, you can manage the individual users by:

    New Publisher Section - create new users

    1. After Logging in, choose the New Publisher entry from the main menu. This option allows you to create a new user. 

    New publisher.png

    1. This agreement pop-up will be displayed :

    1. Read the pop-up carefully and mark the 'I agree to the terms and Conditions' check-box. You can also choose to read the FAQ's or review Jentla's Anti-Spam policy by clicking their links.

    2. Click the Continue to Add New User button to agree the conditions or click the Cancel button to discard the terms and conditions.

    The New user details page will be displayed as shown below:

    MANDATORY Information on this page:
    • Account Details : write in your user's name and email
    • Suggested Sites : choose the sites on which you want your user to be active and move them to the right side table

    Details on the OTHER INFORMATION presented on page, can be found on the Adding a new user page.

    5.  Click the Save button to create the new publisher user, and get directed to the user listing page.

    NOTE : These are the ROLES AND PERMISSIONS of the different users created in Jentla Marketing Hub.


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