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Jentla Action Fields for JMH

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    Forming and performing

    Jentla Action Fields  help you rapidly develop business processes and forms without the need for custom code.They're designed for both advanced business users and developers, covering all types of forms needed for your business solution.

    Ask your Site Administrator to set up your Jentla Action Fields and map them to their categories in Site's Back end. You can then use all registered action fields and create form and base articles from Site's Front-End.

    Here are the basic operations to be performed in order to create a form on your site:

    Please follow these links to find  the actions to be performed with action fields in Jenta Marketing Hub:

    1. Working with Jentla Action Fields in the Site's Back-end
    2. Working with Jentla Action Fields in the Site's Front-End


    Want to know more about creating and publishing forms in a facile manner, without writing code? Go to Jentla Action documentation page.         

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