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Working with JAF in the Site's Back-end

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    Complete control

    After logging in to Jentla Administrator ( http://<your domain> go to Components > Jentla Action Fields.

    If you already have set action fields, here is where you will see their list.

    The actions available to be performed on this page are accessible from the upper-right corner of the screen:

    As shown in the image above, the main options are:

    • New - Create a new CCK (action) field

    • Edit - Edit the selected Field

    • Delete - Delete selected fields

    • Unpublish - Remove the selected field from the articles that they are published to

    • Publish - Publish changes to fields if any modifications have been made to them since the last publishing action

    • Import Action Fields - Imports a list of JA field data which can be very helpful for large form processes

    • Import Articles - Imports a list of articles to be used with action fields 
    • Export JAF - Exporting Jentla Action Field

    • Export Articles - Exporting articles containing action fields

    Here is a linked map of its most important parts and the key-actions to be performed:



    Want to know how the Action Fields group are working for articles? Go to Working with Jentla Action Fields in the Site's Front End documentation topic.

    Go back to Jentla Action Fields for JMH main page.

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    Create a New Category
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