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    Internet – it is suffice to say just that, to find the most rapidly growing and changing environment of all times. As businesses develop and approach customers in different manners, their online presence and activity has become vital over the last decade.

    JENTLA MARKETING HUB is a web-based multi-channel marketing platform, that helps companies improve marketing by using a campaign approach and integrated reports.

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    JMH Overview

    use it to create and handle campaigns for your marketing section; promote your site and latest actions through social media

    manages social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
    shows customers' reactions to the site's activity ( # of visitors, top landing pages, likes, clicks, mentions)
    a complete set of applications that give you the full control of user activity on your sites
    manages your users' feedback on article content
    offers complete solutions in managing your online publishings and article activity
    organizes your site's menus and menu items letting you choose their roles and layouts
    use it to organize and influence the publishing options for your articles and site content


    Try Jentla Marketing Hub Training - a complete set of lessons to guide you through the basics of working in JMH.

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