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Website and Mobile Management

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    Complex, but at hand

    This page explains how you can post web and mobile articles from Jentla Marketing Hub inside a specific campaign:

    • After Logging in to the Site's Front-end,  choose the Campaigns page  from the JMH menu.  To publish website/mobile content, choose one of the existing campaigns or click the New Campaign button.
    • Then click the Website/Mobile button in the Campaigns Content window:

    • This is the Website/Mobile details page:

    Required information in the Website/Mobile page:

    • Web/Mobile Title : the article's title                                                               
    • Web/Mobile Summary: enter a short description of your online article                 
    • Web/ Mobile Body: the actual content of your article                                             
    • Internal Link - Publishing tab: used for capturing the URL link of the page
    • Sites - Publishing tab: choose the sites on whcih you want your website/mobile article published, and move them to the right side table
    Publish your article once you're done 

    NOTE: The mobile site used by Jentla Marketing Hub is an application that works exactly as a normal site, which can be easily accessed from any mobile device.

    To access Mobile, go to http://<your domain> This is how the articles are usually displayed:


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