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Facebook Management Area

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    Connect and interact

    This topic shows you how to manage the Facebook Area, and how to post Facebook articles from Jentla Marketing Hub.

    Follow the mini-guide below :

    Facebook Account Creation

    1. Go to Click the Create Page link at the right bottom of the page :

    1. The following page will appear:


    1. If you'd like to create the page as a Company, Organisation or Institution, click the selected name from the list. Choose a category of activity and then enter your business name. Mark the "I agree to Facebook Pages Terms" check box to finish your registration and then click the Get Started button bellow.

    1. If you already have a Facebook account, enter the registration dates in the next login window. New users on Facebook can use the following page to create a new Facebook account :

    1. Once you've completed the details, press the Sign Up Now! button to complete.

    Connect your Facebook and Jentla accounts

    1. While in Campaigns, press on the Social tab ( you can also perform this operation from the Social Management page)

    2. Click on the Facebook logo and then press Manage Pages button:

    • In the following window, click on the Facebook site name :

    1. As the next pop-up opens, press on the Refresh Pages button on the Facebook pseudosites screen. If you aren't already logged in, enter your username and password:

    1. After logging in, your pages are listed in the Facebook pages drop-down. Choose the page on which you want your content to be posted.
     Press the Save&Close button on the right top of the screen and you are ready to start posting to Facebook.

    Create your Facebook article

    1. After Logging into Jentla, access the Campaigns tab and press the Facebook tab. The Facebook article editing page will then appear:

    1. You can immediately start posting content to Facebook. Just make sure that you complete the required fields from the editing area.

    On Content tab
    • Set your Facebook post type from the drop-down list as 'Text, Link or Photo'. If you've chosen 'Text', just type in the article's description. Choosing Link will direct the posting to a certain website page, at your choosing. Pick Photo to post a picture on your Facebook wall along with your post.
    On Publishing tab
    • Go to Attributes - type in your Facebook article's Internal Title
    Click the Publish button on the bottom right-side of the screen.

    Your Facebook article will be posted on your account and Social tab.


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