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Twitter Management Area

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    Rapid and efficient postings

    This topic shows you how to manage the Twitter Area and how to post Twitter articles from Jentla Marketing Hub, within a certain campaign.

    Here are the basic steps you should take:

    Create a Twitter Account

    We'll start by helping you connect to Twitter. Follow this simple steps:

    1. Go to

    2. Login to Twitter or Create the new Twitter account by supplying the details for the appropriate fields:

    To create a new Twitter account, enter the values for the Profile Full name, Email Id, Password and click the Sign Up for Twitter button.

    Link your Twitter and Jentla accounts

    1. While on an existing Campaign, press the Social button.

    2. Click on the Twitter logo and then press Manage Accounts button, as so:

    • In the following window, click on the Twitter's site name :

    • As the next pop-up opens, press on the Authenticate button. If you aren't already logged into Twitter, you will be asked to enter your username and password:

    • The two sites will then become linked. 
    Press the Save & Close button on the right-top of the screen and you are ready to start posting to Twitter.

    Create tweets through Jentla Marketing Hub

    After Logging into the site's Front-end, click on the existing campaigns name in the list and click the Campaign Content tab or click the New Campaign button.
    1. In the Campaign content select the Twitter tab at the top of the page:

    • This is the Twitter details page:

    1. For tweeting immediately, click on the Content tab and fill in the text of the *Tweet section.

    2. Another mandatory field is the Internal Title of the Twitter article ( go to Publishing > Attributes).


    • Current URL → It will display your current campaign article in our site
    • Fixed URL → It will display a given site, at your choice. (eg:
    • Home URL → It will display your home site URL. (the one you are publishing from)
    • Relative URL → The site which displays after the index.php
    1. Choose Twitter from the Categories section and also from the Sites Menu.

     5. Click Publish to share your tweet. The article's status will appear as Published in the article list.

    • The Tweet post is now on your Page Wall:

    Go back to the Campaign Management page.

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