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Email Management Area

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    This topic shows you how to manage the Email Area and how to publish Email articles from Jentla Marketing Hub, within a specific campaign.

    1. Login to Jentla Marketing Hub and navigate the Admin Entry.

    2. Click on the Campaigns tab at the top menu of the Jentla Marketing Hub screen and on the New Campaign button.

    1. After saving the campaign's details, click on the Campaign Content section, then click on the Email tab, as shown below :


    Required information in the Email menu


    • Email Subject  - will appear in the email subject line.
    • Email Body - enter your basic email content here. There are three options in this section:
    • Text:  

    Complete your email's content as text :

    • Change template
    • Press this button situated above the email content field, to choose another style for your email body.
    • In the pop-up window  you will be asked to choose between 15 styles of pre-designed templates.
    • The My template button holds the list of already saved templates (originally the list is populated with the default one) :

    • In the Predesigned template, you can select your email template.
    • Once you select your template, press the Edit icon, to edit and apply different styles for your email template on the editor:

    In this case, can change the Header1 title as << Red >> :

    • Save to my templates

    Once you have edited the template or selected other than your default one, press Save to my template.

    In the main Email Content page, click on the "Save to my templates" button to keep this addition to your templates list. The following pop-up will appear:

    • By saving the new template ( in this case <<text>>), you will be able to pick it later on, from the My templates list, as shown below:


    • Dates

    Introduce the Send time, Recurrence Pattern and the Range of Recurrence:

    • Sites 

    Choose the Pseudo Sites group and the Email Recipients site from this section.

    • Email Recipients 

    The following information is required on this tab:

    • Mailing List Filter - The saved Email recipients are listed in the drop-down list
    • To- The received mail id is entered in 'To' field box. Using the 'User field' and 'Site field' you also give the values for 'To' field. You can also included more than one email id which is separated by comma
    • From - The from mail id is entered in 'From' Field box. Using the 'User field' and 'Site field' you also give the values for 'From' field. '' is the default mail id
    • Profile Field - Choose the required profile field from the drop-down list. The drop-down list contains 'name, lastname, username, phone, e-mail.........' . The unsubcribe users are not listed in the drop-down. Just choose one of these from the drop-down and the following fields will automatically appear:

    Use Profile Field to filter your email database. Click the Recipients button to automatically view the counts of matched users.

    • Preview User List - Click this button to view the list which shows how many recipients are related to the profile field

    Here, <<kavithakavitha>> is the user matched for the profile field, listed in the preview user list, as shown below:


    • Save As - Click the Save As button to save the filter. Enter the filter name in the pop-up page and the filter name is listed in the Email Filter drop-down list.
    • Test Email - use it to send a test email to specified users.

    Once you've set your email recipients, press on the Test email button. The following page will appear:

    • Test Email Address : write in the email addresses you want to send the test email to; maximum number of test emails that can be sent in 15
    • Recipients Count : the number of registered email recipients ( that will receive the email)

    When you are done, press the Send Email button and the test emails will be sent. You can see the test email on the address chosen, then choose to send the official emails by pressing the Publish button.

    Click on the Publish button to send your email(s), on Save to keep your article as draft.

    This is how you Link your Email recipients to your Jentla site

    Go back to the Campaign Content page.

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