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Generating Reports

Page last modified 06:30, 22 Aug 2013 by alexandra.coroian

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    This is the place that makes all your adjacent effort worth while. Writing articles, creating campaigns, setting up user permissions, creating menus and categories, everything is done in Jentla for customer feedback. And the Reports menu is where you instantly see the customers' reactions.

    (!)The area becomes active as you fill in your Google Analytics data and it needs 1-2 days to become populated.

    These are the steps to be taken to activate your reports: 

    Create a Google account

    To work with Google products and services, you will first need to have a Google account. You can use your existing Google account or create a new one.

    • Go to and sign in using your existent account or click on the "Create an account" button.        

    If you are new to Google click on the "Create an account" option.

    • Provide your account details such as Name (First, Last), Password, Username and then click the "I agree" check-box on the bottom of the screen.

    • If you filled all the fields correctly, your Google account will then be created. 

    Create your Analytics account

    • Returning to, press the Sign in at the top-right corner of the screen.
    • Sign into your Google account here :

    • After signing into your Google Account, you can start using the Google Analytics data.
    • Click the Sign up button located in the upper-left-side of the screen.


    • and complete the required data in the following fields:

    • Your account name is your site's name.
    • The website URL should be entered correctly for your Reports to work.
    • Press the <<Get Tracking ID>> button. Once you've filled the details, the following pop-up displays:

    • After accepting to the terms and conditions, the page reloads and the tracking code for your site displays:

    • Copy the tracking code as you will need it further on.


    1. Set your Google Reports ( if you don't have Administrator rights, please contact Jentla Support or your Site's Administrator)
    2. Run the reports script by accessing http://<<your production site>>/manager/marketing/getreports.php
    3. View your Reports page.


    If you haven't got any published articles or campaigns yet, start writing today. Depending on the amount of data being processed, your Reports page should load in one to two days time.

    You can also periodically update your Reports page by running the report script (http://<<your production site>>/manager/marketing/getreports.php).


    Go to the Campaign Content page.

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