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Retract an Article

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    Out of date information on your sites? 

    Jentla Marketing Hub gives you the opportunity to retract unhelpful articles, without actually deleting them from your database. You can simply retract single or multiple items from your channels and republish them at a later time, at your choice. Retract and republish information in 2 ways:

    From the article list

    Select the items you want to retract from the article list.

    • Press the Retract button situated on the left side of the screen:

    • The status of the article will be changed from Published to Retracted and the article’s end date will be set prior to the current time (so the postings will “expire” on the selected sites).


    From the editing page

    You can also use the Retract button, while editing the article from the Content Admin menu, as so :

    • Click on the article's name or check its corresponding tick-box and click Edit.
    • On the editing screen, press the Retract button.

    retract button.png                        

    • In the opening pop-up  fill the Version(s) and Site(s)  for the article to be retracted from and the reason for retracting.
    • Press Retract

    NOTE: When retracting, the expiration date for each article is automatically set in the past. To republish your retracted postings, change the expiration date for each item to a date in the future ( you alter this information from the Dates section of the Publishing menu).

    start_end date.png

    To reapply your date changes and see the article on site, press the Publish button situated on the bottom right side of the screen.


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