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Menus Management

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    1. 1. Improve your site's set-up

    Improve your site's set-up

    Menus organize your site's content  and engage customer attention. A good menu management can convince a potential client to stay on your site and even purchase your products.

    To guide you through performing menu tasks, here is the basic Menus Management information:

    To completely differentiate the menus and their submenus (menu items), check this menu hierarchy existent on our Jentla site:

    As you can see a menu ( in this case <<mainmenu>>) can have multiple menu items:

    • Home
    • Jentla
    • Our services

    which can also be parents to second level menu items ( in this case <<Campaigns>>), and so on, undefinitely -  to suit your site's needs.

    Every site must have a main menu and a top menu, which are usually displayed through their menu items on page.

    • Here is how the main menu and the menu items we've created are displayed on site :

    The menu item types are translated literally into the menus layouts showed on site: single or multiple categories, articles but also other specific options, set on the Menu items types page.


    NEXT > Working with Menus

    If you wish to create a new top-level menu, you may also wish to create a new category for this menu. Go to Categories Management for complete documentation on the subject.

    Working with Menus
    Working with Menu Items
    Choosing Menu Item Types
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