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Choosing Menu Items Types

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    Your items' appearance
    Depending on the purpose intended for your menu items, you can choose from nine predefined layouts provided by Jentla Marketing Hub, to best suit your needs.

    As you choose your menu types, some of them will point to your articles, others to your categories and some may point to different Jentla features that you might also like:

    • To help you with your choices, here are the detailed menu item types and their functionality:

    Single Article

    This menu item will open up a single article on the page. Choose your article from the existing list. Press Select/Change.

    Single article sample:

    List All categories

    It displays all sub-categories in the site mapped under a certain top-level category. Complete these fields:

    List All Categories Sample: 

    Here, the categories are displayed in a bulleted list (in red).  It can also show category description ( where it exists) and the counted number of articles for each category.

    Category Blog

    It displays the articles listed under this menu in a blog layout format. For a personalized posting, go to Blog Category page to see more details about the Blog Layout Options and Article Options.

    Blog layout sample:


    Category List

    It displays the articles published on site listed under a certain category. 

    Sample category list layout ( in this example it displays all the articles mapped under "Sample Menu" category):

    Featured Articles

    This menu type will only show featured articles ( ( most recent first).

    NOTE: In this example, Article 1 and Article 2 are featured articles, published under  the Home menu :

    Jentla Action Table View

    Choose "Jentla Action Table View" menu type if you want your Jentla form articles inputs to be listed in a table  format.

    You will be asked to set these parameters on "Parameters" Tab.

    Supply the action fields values on Table Headings and the sorting action field for the Sorting Field.

    NOTE: Go to Jentla Action table view page for complete details on how to create this menu item type.

    Sample Jentla Action table View

    Landing View

    It displays only the content of a particular category ( its description included). It's meant to be used as a home page.

    Sample Landing View page:

    In our example, it displays the content of the Landing View category.

    Repeat Event Month View

    It shows the content in a month view on the page. You will need to set the parameters:

    Sample Repeat Month View:

    Iframe Wrapper

    This menu item type will show a screen-shot of a certain link, at your choosing, inside a menu on your site.

    For the Jentla home page, it looks like this:

    Find out all the details about setting a menu item as an Iframe Wrapper.

    External URL

    Will open an external URL, after you complete the following dates:

    The External URL menu can be explicit - the menu's name announces that you will be directed to an external page, or it can look like any other menu item, like the one below:

    Clicking on the Test External menu item, will direct you automatically to the external link chosen in the menu editing area.

    Text Separator

    This layout option allows you to include an image on your page as a text separator, completing these fields:

    The image choice is yours, but we recommend you to use "png" files with transparent background colors.

    Text separator sample: 




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