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    Real estates, for real

    Welcome to Jentla Property Hub (JPH), a Jentla product thought to provide solutions for online marketing professionals - this time for a specific part: property vendors and property advertisers.

    To guide you through Jentla Property Hub, here is a linked map of its 5 most important parts::

    Editing the property details may require assets to be reproduced. In this mini-guide, you will find a dedicated division to the property agent, one to the cinematographer, another for the scriptwriter, voiceover specialist and a section reserved for your videographer.

    (!)The program is thought to divide marketing efforts while concentrating particular information in its five main parts.

    Apart from the Site Manager, the Hub is basically divided in these five sections, intended to be used by five types of property managers. There is a link in between them :

    • The Agent begins by creating a new property, fills in the vendor and property details, the campaign options and details section and optionally uploads images in the form before submitting it.  
    • The Cinematographer handles the data in the Media section. He/She can upload up to 100 MB of photos and videos of the property being advertised
    • Once the property is submitted and payment is successful, it is optionally moved to the Scriptwriter, where images are selected and scripts are added (also copies for the video, fliers, portals, newspaper ads, brochures and signs).
    • The Voiceover site is next - this is where the videos are voiced and the resulting mp3 files are uploaded.
    • Finally the Videographer site is where the video artist can download the images and voiceover and, after hooking up the pieces, can upload the completed video.  

    • Each step is optionally approved and each service provider is optionally selected or filtered. Following the completion of the property, the assets created are distributed to the appropriate marketing channels.


    Agent Admin
    Cinematographer Admin
    Scriptwriter Admin
    Voiceover Admin
    Videographer Admin
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