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How To Install & Modify a Template

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    Template is a pre-developed layout in electronic media to make new pages with similar design and pattern. And it is used to manipulate the way content is delivered to a web server. The template is the place where the design of main layout is set for your site. Using CSS within the template design, you can change the colors of your backgrounds, text, links and you can also control the images are displayed on the page.

    This guide provides you some guidance in setting up and customizing a template to be used for your website.

    Install the Template

    The main steps to be performed for installing the template.

    1. When you find the template you would like to download it to your local computer.

    2. Login to Site Administrator (http://<your domain>

    3. Go to Jentla > Site Admin > Templates. The following page will be displayed:

    1. Click Install at the upper-right corner of the page. A dialog will be displayed as below:

    Templates installation can be performed in three manners:

    • File upload

    • Installation from server directory

    • Installation from URL

    The following information is required on installing the templates:

    • Overwrite Existing Templates - Ticking Overwrite will overwrite the templates of the same name and version

    • Upload Package File - To upload a file, start by using the Browse button to find the file you would like to upload for previously downloaded template zip package, and then click Open. (You can do this several times so long as the overall file size accumulation doesn't exceed your max file upload size 10 M). Once you have all the files you want queued, hit the Upload File and Install button. The file will be uploaded and the templates will be installed for the selected site(s)

    • Install Directory - Enter templates path and click Install to install the templates for the selected site(s)

    • Install URL - Enter the URL where the templates to be taken from and click Install to install the templatets for the selected site(s)

    • Choose sites to install - Select from the drop-down list the sites to install the templates to

    After installation click Close to go back to the template listing page.

    Applying a Template to your Site

    1. Login to the Site Administrator (http://<your domain>

    2. Go to Components > Jentla.

    3. Go to Site Admin > Templates. The list of installed templates displays.

    4. Filter the list by choosing from the Select Location dropdown list - Site. Only the site templates will be displayed.

    5. In the list of templates that displays, click on the template name that you want to apply to your site. The Edit Template screen displays.

    6. In the Sites section, from the Select Site dropdown list choose the site that already has the template applied

    7. On the right side of the screen, in the Choose Sites To Save or Apply section, select the site(s) the template will be applied to.

    8. Click Apply to perform the changes on the template

    9. Click Default to apply the template to the selected site(s):


    To see the result, go back to Site Admin > Templates and from the Select Site dropdown list select the site you've just applied the template to. You'll see that the newly applied template appears in the list as Enabled.

    Modifying a Template

    1. Login to Site Administrator ( http://<your domain> )

    2. Go to Jentla > Site Admin > Templates. The installed templates list displays:


    Please note that here you can see all the installed templates, both for sites (Location = Site) and for the back-end (Location = Administrator). For modifying the template for your site(s) you will need to refer only to those for which the Location is set to Site.

    1. Select from the list the template you want to modify by marking the corresponding checkbox and click Edit. The Edit Template screen displays:

    1. In the Sites section, choose from the Select Site dropdown list the site for which the template is already installed in order to apply its parameters for other sites that you'll select at next step

    2. In the Choose Sites section, select the Site Group you want to apply the template to. In the Choose Sites To Save or Apply you will see the sites of the selected group. Here select the sites you want to apply the template to.

    3. Click Edit HTML to open the index.php file.The first line gets to put the correct header information in. This includes the page title, meta information as well as system JavaScript. The rest creates links to two system style sheets and to our own style sheet.

    4. Click Edit CSS. The list of .css files displays:

    1. Select the file to edit and click Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. The file opens and you can perform the changes you want and click Save to apply them.

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