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    7 Feb 2017

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      JIVI12:33russell.burstowpage created, 8 words added

    20 Jan 2017

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      Jentla Action/3.Working with Jentla Action Fields/Jentla Action Fields/2.Special Fields11:11kavithaone or more formatting changes #

    19 Jan 2017

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      Jentla 3X Site Administrator/Managing Sites/Import Jentla Sites08:10kavitha12 words added, 12 words removed #
    Jentla 3.0X/How to Guides/How to Use Secondary URL for an Article07:38kavitha1 words added, 1 words removed #

    18 Jan 2017

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      Jentla 1.5 "How To" Guides/Jentla Article Publishing Workflow11:28kavitha1 words added, 1 words removed #

    17 Jan 2017

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      Jentla 3.0X/How to Guides10:22kavitha9 words added #

    7 Jan 2017

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      Jentla Marketing Hub - JMH/11.Dashboard11:13kavithano changes #

    27 Dec 2016

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    Welcome to OurTradie/Tradie Employee07:44kavithaone or more formatting changes #

    14 Dec 2016

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    Jentla 3.0X10:18kavithaone or more formatting changes #
    Jentla 3.0X/Tags Management/Tags Similar Module10:16kavitha14 words removed #
    Jentla 3.0X/Tags Management/How to embed the tags on article10:15kavitha28 words added, 2 words removed #
      Jentla Wiki09:58kavitha2 words added #
    Jentla 3.0X/Tags Management/Publish/Unpublish Tags08:27kavitha37 words added, 9 words removed #
    Jentla 3.0X/Tags Management08:24kavitha12 words added, 20 words removed #
    Jentla 3.0X/Tags Management/Tags Poplular Module08:21kavitha5 words added, 26 words removed #
    Jentla 3.0X/Tags Management/Different types of Tag Menu08:20kavitha167 words added, 3 words removed #
    Jentla 3.0X/Tags Management/Create the New Tags07:14kavitha26 words added, 1 words removed #
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